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Our Olive Oil

bodegon etiquetas nuevas FEB 2015

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The most important thing to Jaen Natural is to select every year the extra virgin olive oil that they pack with their branded name Valderas Alvarado, among the countless oils obtained.
Most of the oil in the province of Jaen is produced / grinding through cooperatives. In every village in the province, there are at least two cooperatives, and 90% of the olive that is collected goes to these cooperatives.
The Valderas Alvarado family has always been a member of several cooperatives and this relationship passes on from generation to generation until today. Cooperatives: Ubeda, Baeza, Martos, Torredonjimeno, Villargordo and Valdepeñas from Jaén.

Each olive (tree), each zone (plot) gives a different oil, and most important to note is that this oil varies from one crop to another, and from year to year, depending on the climate on each olive grove that it has occurred (temperature, rain, humidity ...), and of how "tired" the trees are. The olive trees each year produce a kg / olive quantity highly variable so that if a crop is high, the next year the tree is tired. The oil is also greatly influenced by the "stress" of the olive tree.
For 2013/14 campaign, for example, a good harvest was expected in terms of volume of olives, but these had ended up very spoiled because there had been virtually no rain after the summer and therefore they have not developed their full capacity to produce oil. There have been many olives that have reached the milling wrinkled (by stress).
To select the best picuales oils and to pack them with our name, Valderas Alvarado, Jaen natural has certified tasters by the Andalusia Government and members of our extended family who select the best of the best. The other oils are sold by the cooperatives usually in bulk, to big companies and the Italian market.