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The Almazara

The word Almazara (Oil Mill) comes from the Arabic المعصر mill (al-mar'sara), and so is called the place where the olives are squeezed to get its oil. The Arabs were the ones who promoted its cultivation in southern Spain.

The extra-virgin olive oil that under the name Valderas-Alvarado Jaén Natural sold is obtained in the cooperatives almazara using the following process:
When the olives are at their optimum ripeness, aroud analysed, since the farmer will get paid later on based on the olives performance.

bidones de aceiteThe next process is to weigh the cargo and clean the olives before being milled or pressed. Cleaning involves the removal of leaves or branches which inevitably always accompany the olive. Finishing this process, in no nd the months of November or December it is collected in the fields by the process of shaking down the tress. The workers flock to "milking" the olive trees and transport the olives in trailers pulled by tractors to the mill of the village cooperative.

In the mill the first thing you do is glanced the cargo and separate the healthy olives from those which may have an abnormality. A sample of them is taken anmore than 24 hours, the olives are mechanically pressed at low temperature, which is popularly known as "cold pressed".

This first olive juice, "picual" in our case, is analysed in the own mill by technical experts. Those who obtain the qualification "Extra Virgin", pure oils that do not show any imperfection and are fit for human consumption, become stored directly in large stainless steel tanks located in the cellar of the mill.

The extra virgin olive oil Valderas-Alvarado from Jaen Natural is an entirely natural product, one hundred percent picual olive juice without artificial colours or preservatives, which is filtered and bottled on demand.