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Our Philosophy

Almost all olive oil production in the province of Jaen belongs to a cooperative business. This means that the olives are collected in the field and brought to the village cooperative where the olives are crushed. In almost every village there is more than one cooperative. All cooperatives sell their oil mainly to Spanish and Italian brands.
Our family, through its different members are involved in cooperatives in Villargordo, Torredonjimeno, Ibros and Ubeda, all in the province of Jaen.
Our philosophy begins with selecting the best oils in each of the cooperatives that we are partners with and we do it through our relatives who have known for generations the best products, in addition to official tasters who advise us in the process of selection of the best product.
Since the European Union forced to package and labelled all the oil coming out of the cooperative, they came together in groups to create a packaging company, so the cooperatives that belong to a packing company, carry its oil to that company for packaging and labelling.
In this process the cooperative is required to certify the quality of the oil it sells. So the oil goes to the packaging company already with a certificate that guarantees its quality.
In the case of "Valderas Alvarado" Jaen Natural SL only commercialize Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), this certificate guarantees with a series of physical-chemical parameters that our oil is extra virgin.
Moreover, there is an additional organoleptic credential which is done by Andalusian official tasters who endorse a numerical score which supports what is Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
In this way, the extra virgin quality is guaranteed throughout the whole process until the packaging stage. At that point, the oil goes to the logistics company that distribute it throughout Spain.

los chavales entre las olivas año 2006

Our philosophy commits us to the shortest time, a week or so, between packing our oil and delivering it to our customers address. Thus the oil undergoes virtually no oxidation or deterioration. This delivery time, a week or so, cannot be guaranteed for most Extra Virgin Olive Oil distributors