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Our History

Orencio Valderas

Don Orencio Valderas - Orencio Valderas
It was no accident, nor a whim, Jaen Natural is the result of a restlessness mind. In 1997, Cristobal Alvarado Valderas from Jaen, decided to take a chance and create a company to home deliver the extra-virgin olive oil from the cooperative from which his parents were members.

Valderas Alvarado, civil engineer, always honoured his motherland, wherever his profession took him. His best presentation is a bottle of oil, a PET, carafe or box, knowing that he will never leave a bad impression. This detail meant over the years that many of his friends and acquaintances asked him whenever they learned that he would go to Jaen to see their parents, "a box please"

In the end, “the box” became many boxes and it no longer fitted in his car, moreover when children came along. At the end, going to Jaen to see the grandparents had become an ordeal. No enough space for so many bottles that were not as PET as todays, but PVC; hard, white plastic for more understanding.

And it was the grandfather, who came up with the idea: "Call me, and I will be more than happy to deliver a box anywhere with a carrier" and ... until today.

The grandfather died in 2012 but left us his enthusiasm for Jaen Natural as a legacy and memory.

Jaen Natural today has more than 12,000 customers relying on its oil and more than 40,000 people who consume it regularly.