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Our olive grove, our greatest treasure

Jaen, olive and oil are all one. The highest concentrations of olive trees in Spain are in Jaen, more than 60 million trees spread from the plains of the Guadalquivir to the Cazorla, Segura and Mágina. More than 550,000 hectares of olive groves that produce about 50% of the national olive oils production, and more than 20% of the world, according to the Andalusian government.

vareando las olivas

Nuestros campos - vareando las olivas

Jaen Olive Pickers

In all likelihood, the Phoenicians led to the expansion of olive tree through the Mediterranean islands leading to the current Iberian Peninsula, but the Romans were certainly who took it to all its colonies where it could develop, as recorded in many historical documents.

The trade of olive oil obtained in Hispania spread throughout the western Roman world. Since then, the olive tree has been linked to the Mediterranean Sea and has been cultivated to this day.

All civilizations= people who occupied the Mediterranean have contributed with their culture, irrigation and other technologies to the olive cultivation and oil extraction making it a product commonly used, and a main produce trade of all times.

We know from historians that it was the Arabs who, during the eight centuries that occupied Andalusia, boosted its cultivation, making Spain the first producer of olive oil in the world that is now.

Today as yesterday  Picual

In Andalusia there are several types of olive oil, as many as olives, but in Jaen still dominate the Picual monoculture representing over 95% of its production. Jaen remains true to its essence and its olive grower’s origins, although it has begun to live with Picual other varieties such as Royal in the Sierra de Cazorla, and some plantations of the variety Arbequina and Hojiblanca.

Alvarado Valderas’ oil is the result of the hard work and determination that different family members perform in their fields and then the selection they make of their wines.