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Our Guarantees

Jaen Natural, in charge of the extra virgin olive oil Valderas Alvarado cares at all times that the olive juice that arrives at your table is actually a "real olive juice without added".
Concern for quality assurance in the product we offer requires from us to perform various chemical and sensory tests. These procedures ensure at all times that the status of our olive oil is extra virgin. In Jaen Natural we are aware that the olive juice, besides being an important element in the Mediterranean diet according to the World Health Organization, it, is a food for daily consumption present in most of our dishes both raw and in stews or fried dishes with big health benefits.

The first tests are performed in the cooperative from which the "olive juice" emerges where a first selection is made of the oils obtained. Then other tests are done in private laboratories to ensure that our particular tasters have been right and finally we submit our extra virgin olive oil to official laboratories and tastings in various centres of the Andalusian region.

Aware of the consumers’ concerns and in many cases of the helplessness in which they are sometimes find themselves, Jaen Natural makes available a copy of the official tests to anyone who requests it as it states on the packaging label.

To request this just click "here"