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What oil to buy?

The extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) and olive oil is not the same although many think it is because of the similarity of the name.

Extra virgin Olive oil is simply oil from superior quality olives or olive juice hundred percent obtained through a mechanical process, that’s it; it has also approved laboratory examinations and tests of sensory tasting.

Olive oil is a mixture. Yes, a mixture of a poor virgin olive oil that had to be rectified or refined for its consumption, and EVOO. At the mills in our country many tons of olive oils are produced and naturally not all are extra virgin that is why you have to know to tell them apart. How?,by looking very carefully at the business name on the package label.
Although it sounds similar, it should be clear in our heads that are not the same and therefore the benefitsSin título-1

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that EVOO brings to our food diet are also different.

Olive oil is produced in factories.

All defective virgin olive oils leaving the mills that present unpleasant characteristics for direct consumption are taken to factories called "refinery" where are rectified or refined. In virtually all of the processes of "grinding" or "refined" three steps are followed:
Neutralization to "eliminate" excessive acidity
Discoloration: to "remove" unwanted colours that are not attractive for the eye like an almost black dark green, brown or orange from oxidized compounds.
And finally, deodorization phase to "eliminate" odours and bad taste.

Throughout this process the virgin oil has lost many of its features and healthy qualities due to having been in contact with chemicals or organic solvents. The result of this process is a colorless, odourless and tasteless oil called refined olive oil.
For its merchandising refined olive oil needs to be mixed with extra virgin olive oil that gives colour, taste, smell and nutritional value.


Make sure the labelling clearly displayed the type of oil that it is. It is mandatory for brands to display it. If it is an EVOO: "olive oil obtained directly from superior olives and solely by mechanical means".

If it's a simple olive oil the label will show the following: Olive oil: "Ingredients: contains only refined olive oils and virgin olive oils”, It will not specify, in general, the percentage of each but surely the majority will be refined,
The net quantity, the best before date, lot and product origin must also been shown.