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EVOO and Gastronomy

It is a reality that the Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an indispensable ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, and so are its culinary properties.
So Jaen Natural wants to contribute to their use in homes for the sake of the health of its members. Do not forget that the EVOO is a fat one hundred percent natural.


Copa de aceite

EVOO consumption advantages:

Fried, essential
EOVV has a boiling point degree higher than other oils, more than 180C, making it ideal for frying. It does not boil or leaves the food soaked like other oils. Proof of this is that the EOVV does not decrease in the pan or fryer, but grows.

Raw food, without saying
Something as simple as "bread with oil" can become a delicious dish with a good EOVV.
EVOO distinguish raw vegetables, pasta, fish, meat and dairy products like cheese, often improving the taste of the food itself. A few drops or a small trickle it’s enough.

EVOO in confectionary
Desserts and sweets made with EOVV are healthier than those made with animal fats such as lard. Some French toast made on good oil makes a difference, like a good sponge cake made with this type of oil.

Cheaper than other
In addition, EVOO turns out to be cheaper than other oils if we consider that you can use it more times.
Its quality of being able to withstand very high temperatures allows it to be reused for the preparation of other dishes, without incurring in any damage to our health because EOVV has not lost their qualities.
This same quality makes it cheaper than others oils which after their first use, is recommended to throw them.
It will also be cheaper to make a stew because, in a lamb stew or a paella, the amount of EOVV that is needed is lower than in other oils, furthermore to saving we get best culinary results.

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