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Jaén Natural and the OCU

According to OCU: “ The EVOO brands that does not meet with standards to be quelified as EVOO and would be cheating are:

Olisone Vidrio ( Lidl ), La Española, Olisone AOVE ( Guillen), Olivaria del Olivar(Aldi), La Masía Excelencia, Hacendado( Mercadona), Día AOVE Vidrio, Día AOVE Afrutado, Día AOVE, Coviran AOVE, Coviran AOVE Exquisité, Coosur Origen, Alipende ( Ahorramas), Dintel Classico, Eroski Virgen Extra, Eroski Virgen Extra Vidrio, Koipe AOVE, Carbonell Virgen Extra, y Hojiblanca Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra”.

Almost all big brands are cheating on EVOO

Why Jaén Natural does not have any problem with OCU complaints?

cata ya jn.jpg

cata ya jn.jpg

Because we are the ONLY ONE brand that sends Official Certificates issued by Junta de Andalucía to our customers, by request, guaranteeing our EVOOs as trully EXTRA VIRGIN.

Ask for your Batch certificate by email.